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Our Program

Gentle Sleep Coaching is a very supportive approach to sleep training, that helps your child to learn to fall asleep themself, safe in the knowledge that you are nearby. While we can’t promise there won’t be any tears, we do not believe in the cry it out method. Our formula was created by Kim West, a sleep coach with over 20 years’ experience who has helped over one million families. Using her method, “The Sleep Shuffle”, we aim to have your child sleeping by themself through the night within two weeks. Whether breast fed, bottle fed or weaned, we can help you!

What We offer:


We work with families and children from 0-5 months and 6 months-6 years, encouraging healthy sleep habits. We know that every child and every family set up is different and so, we will work with your family to formulate a bespoke sleep plan tailored to your specific goals. This includes:

  • An initial consultation;

  • A detailed assessment of your family’s needs;

  • A structured sleep plan; and

  • Over the phone support and guidance throughout your sleep training process and more.

We strive for successful sleeping and will continue to support you and your child until your goals have been reached.

Expecting, have a newborn or know a parent-to-be? Why not buy our Lullaby Package aimed at newborns aged 0-5 months? This details the importance of newborn sleep, SIDS, safe sleeping and teaches healthy sleep habits.

Living or working abroad? No problem- we work with families in Ireland and around the world.

We look forward to working with you to gently help your child get a good night’s sleep!

Check out our packages below.

Sweet dreams,

Laura and Orla



We offer different packages to suit your needs

The Dream Team are happy to work with twins and siblings.

Get in touch to discuss sleep training multiples.

When you buy a package from The Dream Team, your case will be assigned to one of our Gentle Sleep Coaches. But rest assured, Laura and Orla will review and analyse your case and be in constant communication to ensure the best outcome for you and your baby. As the saying goes “two heads are better than one”!

Sweet Dreams Package

Sweet Dreams Package

6 months-6 years:

One on one consultation, in depth assessment by two sleep coaches, bespoke sleep plan, access to the Dream Team until your child is sleeping.

Initial consultations available in the Dublin area for an additional fee. Please talk to your sleep consultant about this for pricing.

Price: €495

Additional calls available at €60: Book Here

We sleep coach siblings!

Get the Sweet Dreams Package for two family members at €625

Lullaby Package

Lullaby Package


One on one consultation discussing healthy sleep habits, SIDS, safe sleep and sleep shaping.

There will also be a 30 minute follow up phone call.

Price: €150

The Baby Bundle

The Baby Bundle

Recently a lot of expecting famillies have wanted to book both our sleep shaping and sleep coaching packages…. So we decided to create the ultimate newborn sleep bundle! 

The Baby Bundle combines The Lullaby and Sweet Dreams Package and can be booked from the last trimester of pregnancy. 
Our first consultation will discuss all things newborn-sleep cycles, safe sleep, sleep shaping, regressions, dream feeds etc. And when your little one is ready to sleep train, we’ll be there to provide an in depth assessment and sleep coaching plan for you. 

Be sure to get on the right track with the baby bundle!

Price: €575

The Troubeshoot

The Troubleshoot

A thirty minute phone call that addresses your specific sleep problems-napping, weaning etc.

Price: €75

Nap Navigator €245

Introducing our nap coaching programme! Is your baby cat napping? Does your toddler resist their naps? Are you struggling to transition from two naps to one? Then this is the package for you! This package is created to suit your little ones specific nap needs. After the initial consult you will receive a bespoke plan and 10 days of nap support with one of our Gentle Sleep Coaches.

Price: €245

Nap Navigator
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