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Lullaby Webinar

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Lullaby Webinar

Introducing… the lullaby webinar!


Our gorgeous newborn package is now available as a live webinar. Enjoy the opportunity for a one hour chat with Laura and Orla as they discuss all things newborn sleep.


This package covers a range of topics from safe sleep, room set up, SIDS, sleep shaping, schedules, tummy time, nap tips, regressions and how to prep for sleep coaching!


This is the ultimate newborn guide to sleep and includes tips on swaddling, how to switch associations and getting your baby down in the best way possible.


For only €50 this interactive webinar includes a live Q&A with the dream team founders. You can also enjoy the chance to meet and chat with other parents. This is ideal for expectant parents and parents of babies aged 0-5 months.

Cost: €50

A great baby shower gift! We look forward to chatting to you soon!

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