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Meet the Team

Hello! We are so excited to meet you and begin your sleep coaching journey.


We are Orla and Laura, best friends who studied nursing together in University College Dublin. Once qualified we worked in our training hospital before heading off to Vietnam to volunteer with disadvantaged children. We spent three months volunteering with the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation in Ho Chi Minh and then travelled around Asia. In 2015 we took job opportunities in London where we specialised in critical care. After two years we returned to Dublin where Orla continued nursing and became a mum and Laura qualified as a midwife. It was during this time we realised the crucial importance of newborn sleep.


After many conversations about what parents really need, we decided to pursue sleep consultancy and hence the Dream Team was born!



Hi, I’m Orla and I’m one half of the Dream Team. I’m a certified Gentle Sleep Coach having trained under the guidance of Kim West. I am a registered nurse, mum to a toddler and have spent my career helping people. My passion for sleep coaching began when my daughter was 6 months old, and I was desperate for a good night’s sleep! After successfully training my daughter, I went on to become a coach where I sleep trained numerous families.


I realised how important peaceful nights are and I am determined to help as many families as I can. I would love to create a bespoke sleep plan for you and your family.

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Hi, I’m Laura, the other half of the Dream Team. I am a certified Gentle Sleep Coach, midwife and nurse. After years of working night shifts, I understand how detrimental sleep deprivation can be. I became interested in sleep training while working in postnatal services and as a night nanny.


Having successfully sleep trained a number of families I am committed to helping many many more through our gentle sleep packages!

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