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We help your family get the sleep they deserve.

Gentle Sleep Coaching is a very supportive approach to sleep training, that helps your child to learn to fall asleep themself, safe in the knowledge that you are nearby. 



The Dream Team

Hello and welcome to The Dream Team! We are Gentle Sleep Coaches on a mission to help your family get the sleep they deserve. The Dream Team is made up of two sleep coaches, Laura and Orla who first trained together as nurses in University College Dublin, and then trained as sleep coaches under the world-renowned sleep coach Kim West,  LCSW-C, author of Good Night Sleep Tight.

Now we want to help you! Together we will prepare a detailed sleep schedule for your little one, tailored to their specific sleep needs. We can help you with bedtime routines, early rising, napping, night-time weaning and much more. Why not contact us today for a no obligation chat about your sleep goals?



We offer different packages to suit your needs

Sweet Dreams 

6 months-6 years:

One on one consultation, in depth assessment by two sleep coaches, bespoke sleep plan, access to the Dream Team until your child is sleeping.

Lullaby Package


One on one consultation discussing healthy sleep habits, SIDS, safe sleep and sleep shaping. There will also be a 30 minute follow up phone call.

The Baby Bundle

The Baby Bundle combines the lullaby and sweet dreams package and can be booked from the last trimester of pregnancy. 

The Troubleshoot

A thirty minute phone call that addresses your specific sleep problems-napping, weaning etc.

Nap Navigator

Is your baby cat napping? Does your toddler resist their naps? Are you struggling to transition from two naps to one? Then this is the package for you!

Lullaby Webinar

Our gorgeous newborn package is now available as a live webinar. Enjoy the opportunity for a one hour chat with Laura and Orla as they discuss all things newborn sleep.


Parents Recommend


"Ralph has done a complete 180 with his sleep routine. When I started this training, I had not expected this much of a positive change-he now happily goes to sleep in his cot without any engaging and sleeps the whole night through. I would definitely recommend Orla to any sleep deprived friend!"


“Laura had a very concise plan and talked me through it on the phone, I felt very prepared going into sleep training. She regularly checked in on me and couldn’t have been nicer. My son now sleeps through the night.”


“My child’s sleep has vastly improved-we can’t believe it! Orla was kind and compassionate, guiding us throughout the process. We now have our evenings back and Georgia is a much happier child. We are already looking forward to working with her again when baby number two arrives.”


“Laura provided us with a sleep plan that massively impacted our baby’s routine, resulting in a minimum of ten hours unbroken sleep at night. We could not recommend the Dream Teams services more!”


“Bedtime has been an absolute pleasure all thanks to Orla-its wonderful! I for one, will be singing your praises.”

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